Media Trader - Virtual

Media Services National, United States



The Media Trader reports to the Media Supervisor. The position is a self-motivated, analytical thinker who has the ability to take big data and convert into actionable insights that can be applied to improve campaign performance. The primary role is the successful execution of multi-channel digital campaigns and ensuring they are accurately implemented to meet client expectations as well as company benchmarks, as measured by campaign performance and job profitability.


Campaign Guidelines

  • Ensure client-approved IO matches up with provided media grid. If not, send back to Strategist for revisions.
  • Find out from Sales if tactic-to-tactic shifting and/or month-to-month shifting is allowed
  • Client objective and value has been defined and consistent with industry benchmarks
  • Pricing bucket has been defined – basic, recommended, or premium

Setting Campaign Live

  • Confirm with AdOps that appropriate conversion pixels and vendor pixels are placed and that the pixel settings align with the Client's needs. 
  • Confirm correct pages are tagged, any exclusions from reporting,
  • Update creative ticket to "Media Ready to go live" once everything is set up on Media's end.
  • Update creative ticket to "Campaign live with pub." When campaign is turned “on” in DSP


  • Confirm all vendors are ramping up out of the gates as needed; goal is to deliver 98-102% of client budget. Make appropriate pacing adjustments as needed.
  • For 3P jobs, billing is off client numbers, ensure you are watching pacing and performance according to that.


  • Optimize at minimum 1x/week per campaign.

Performance Tracking

  • Watch 4C metrics throughout the month across all campaigns per the Four Corners Goals
  • Track 3P Success Metrics via the 3P tracking document and pull Time Lag Reports every other day.

Team Meetings

  • Prepare a scorecard summary view of all campaigns and call out any problem areas.
  • Share optimization insights that positively impact campaign performance.

Campaign Close

  • Dial down/trickle campaign spend in order to achieve 100-102% of planned budget by the last day of flight
  • Turn campaign “off” in DSP when budget goal has been achieved


  • Complete automated Scorecard for Billing Department

4C Metrics

  • Work with your supervisor to ensure previous month’s 4C report is reviewed and documented according to your campaign performance.
  • Validate numbers from Tableau and media summary info.




  • Bachelors’ degree required
  • 2-4 years minimum experience in digital or traditional media advertising experience
  • Advanced skills and knowledge of MS Excel
  • High levels of analytical skills with a love of numbers
  • Adaptable and flexible for fluid work environment and constant change
    • Applies some advanced skills to the position
    • May adapt procedures, processes, and techniques to meet more complex requirements of the position
    • Ability and desire to work from home



  • Demonstrates Self Awareness
  • Optimizes Work Processes
  • Cultivates Innovation
  • Ensures Accountability
  • Collaborates