Open Positions

Alaska Regional

2022 Alaska Clerkship - Anchorage and Juneau
2 Locations
Senior Attorney, Alaska
3 Locations

Biodiversity Defense Program

Associate Attorney, Biodiversity Defense Program
3 Locations
Senior Attorney, Biodiversity Defense Program Washington, District Of Columbia

California Regional

2022 California Regional Clerkship – Los Angeles Los Angeles, California
2022 California Regional Clerkship – San Francisco San Francisco, California
Associate Attorney, CA Regional San Francisco, California
Legal Externship Los Angeles, California
Litigation Assistant, California Regional Office San Francisco, California
Spring 2022 Legal Externship - San Francisco Office
2 Locations
Spring 2022 Legal Externship – Los Angeles Office
2 Locations

Climate and Energy

Associate Attorney, Clean Energy Program
3 Locations

Coal Program

2022 Coal Clerkship - Philadelphia and Chicago and New York
3 Locations
Associate Attorney, Coal Program
2 Locations
Spring 2022 Legal Externship – Coal Program
4 Locations

Community Partnerships

2022 Community Partnerships Clerkship - Los Angeles Los Angeles, California
Associate Attorney, Community Partnerships Program
2 Locations

Creative Team

Design Producer San Francisco, California

Florida Regional

2022 Florida Clerkship - Tallahassee and Miami
2 Locations
Associate Attorney, Florida Regional Office Miami, Florida
Legal Externship, Fall 2021
2 Locations

Fossil Fuels Program

Associate Attorney, Fossil Fuels Program
2 Locations
Senior Attorney, Fossil Fuels Program
2 Locations


Foundations Officer I
2 Locations

Healthy Communities

Director, Outreach and Partnership Advancement
9 Locations

Information Technology

Records Manager and Information Governance Administrator
3 Locations
Technical Process Analyst
2 Locations

International Program

2022 International Clerkship - San Francisco San Francisco, California
Spring 2022 Legal Externship – International Program
2 Locations

Mid West Region

2022 Midwest Clerkship - Chicago Chicago, Illinois
Associate Attorney, Midwest Regional Chicago, Illinois

Northeast Regional

Spring 2022 Legal Externship – Northeast Regional Office
2 Locations

Northern Rockies Regional

2022 Northern Rockies Clerkship - Bozeman Bozeman , Montana

Northwest Regional

2022 Northwest Clerkship - Seattle Seattle, Washington
Legal Practice Manager, Northwest Regional Office Seattle, Washington

Oceans Program

2022 Oceans Clerkship - Seattle and San Francisco
2 Locations
Spring 2022 Legal Externship – Oceans Program
2 Locations

Planned Giving

Planned Gifts Assistant San Francisco, California

Policy and Legislation

Sr. Legislative Counsel/Representative Washington, District Of Columbia

Program Communications

Communications Strategist for Rocky Mountain, Northern Rockies, Biodiversity Defense Program
4 Locations
Press Secretary
3 Locations

Rocky Mountain Regional

Senior Attorney, Rocky Mountain Regional Office Denver , Colorado

Sustainable Food and Farming

2022 Sustainable Food and Farming Program Clerkship - New York New York, New York
Spring 2022 Legal Externship – Sustainable Food & Farming and Toxic Exposure & Health Programs
2 Locations

Tribal Partnerships

2022 Tribal Partnerships Clerkship - Seattle and Denver
2 Locations

Washington, DC Regional

2022 Washington DC Clerkship – DC Washington, District Of Columbia
Senior Attorney, National Climate Washington, District Of Columbia

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