Open Positions

Administrative Support

CJ Foods | Part-Time Receptionist La Palma, California

Business Management

CJ Foods | Business Analyst La Palma, California
CJ Foodville | Senior Accountant Commerce, California


CJ ENM | Graphic Designer (TEMP) Manhattan Beach, California
CJ ENM | Graphic Designer (TEMP) Manhattan Beach, California

Customer Service

CJ Foods | Customer Service Assistant La Palma, California
CJ America Bio | Customer Service Representative ANH Downers Grove, Illinois


CJ Foods | Packaging Engineer Brooklyn, New York


CJ FMC | Accounting Assistant Fullerton, California
CJ CGV | Accounting Assistant Los Angeles, California
CJ ENM | Accounting Associate Los Angeles, California

Human Resources

CJ 4DPLEX | HR Manager Los Angeles, California
CJ America HQ | Payroll and Benefits Administrator Los Angeles, California


CJ Logistics | Customer Operation Analyst Fontana, California
CJ Logistics | Customer Operation Specialist Monroe Township, New Jersey
CJ Logistics | Customer Operation Specialist Fontana, California
CJ Logistics | Logistics Coordinator, Sr. Logistics Coordinator Fontana, California
CJ Logistics | Operations Optimization Leader Brooklyn, New York


CJ FMBC | Assistant Safety Manager (Beaumont, CA) Beaumont, California
CJ FMC | Maintenance Technician Fullerton, California
CJ FMBC | Maintenance Technician (Beaumont, CA) Beaumont, California
CJ FMC | Production Operators and Warehouse Clerks Fullerton, California
TMI | Repair and Maintenance Assistant Manager Brooklyn, New York


CJ Foods | Marketing Assistant Brand Manager La Palma, California
CJ Foods | Marketing Brand Manager La Palma, California
CJ Foods | Sr. Brand Manager, Club Channel Marketing La Palma, California
CJ Foods | Sr. Brand Strategy & Communication Manager La Palma, California
CJ ENM | Sr. Marketing Specialist Manhattan Beach, California
CJ Foods | Sr. Packaging Designer La Palma, California


CJ FMBC | Production Planning & Purchasing Assistant Beaumont, California
CJ FMBC | Production Support Coordinator (Beaumont, CA) Beaumont, California
CJ FMC | Production Support Manager Fullerton, California
CJ Foodville | Store Consultant Commerce, California
CJ FMBC | Warehouse Coordinator Beaumont, California


CJ Foodville | Facility Manager Commerce, California
CJ Foodville | Food Safety Assistant Commerce, California
CJ Bio America | Industrial Cleaner Fort Dodge, Iowa
CJ CGV | Theater Manager Buena Park, California


CJ FMC | Assembly Line Supervisor Fullerton, California
CJ Foodville | Kitchen Manager Commerce, California
TMI | Packing Engineer Brooklyn, New York
CJ FMC | Production Supervisor Fullerton, California
CJ FMBC | Production Supervisor (Beaumont, CA) Beaumont, California
CJ Bio America | Refinery Lysine Dryer Operator Fort Dodge, Iowa
CJ Bio America | Refinery Packaging Operator Fort Dodge, Iowa
CJ FMC | Sanitation Associate (3rd Shift) Fullerton, California


CJ FMBC | QA Analyst Beaumont, California
CJ FMC | QA/QC Manager Fullerton, California
TMI | QC Assistant Brooklyn, New York

Research & Development

CJ Foods | Consumer and Sensory Scientist Fullerton, California
CJ Foods | R&D Food Technologist La Palma, California
CJ Foods | R&D Food Technologist (Sauce) Fullerton, California
CJ Foods | R&D Researcher Fullerton, California
CJ Foods | Regulatory Affairs Associate Specialist Fullerton, California


Bibigo | Cook San Diego, California
Bibigo | Kitchen Manager San Diego, California
Bibigo | Kitchen Supervisor San Diego, California
Bibigo | Restaurant Manager San Diego, California
Bibigo | Server San Diego, California
Bibigo | Server Century City, California
Bibigo | Shift Supervisor San Diego, California

Sales and Account Management

TMI | Ethnic Sales & Marketing Senior Manager Brooklyn, New York
TMI | Marketing Manager Brooklyn, New York

Supply Chain

CJ Foods | SCM Coordinator La Palma, California

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