Assistant Superintendent

Construction Las Vegas, Nevada


Essential Duties:


  • Schedule according to the company Scheduling System and ensure all construction activity follows the established critical path and cycle tim
  • Understand and maintain the current lead times for trade contractors and suppliers, and provide them with copies of the schedule on a timely basis
  • Properly schedule and oversee the completion of all designated municipal inspections
  • Properly schedule and verify the completion of all designated internal quality inspections
  • Update division construction status reporting information according to established time frames
  • Ensure all homes are scheduled with a final Quality Inspection prior to the Pre-Occupancy Orientation
  • Ensure all homes are 100% complete on or before the established Pre-Occupancy<strong
Contract Management
  • Review all applicable job-specific information with trade contractors prior to the commencement of work
  • Provide regular written feedback to the Purchasing Department on trade contractor performance

Job Site and Community Management

  • Properly manage the location and appearance of all job site equipment, restrooms, and materials to ensure they do not interfere with marketing efforts and occupied homes
  • Ensure homes and production sites under construction are maintained in a clean, well-organized, safe and secure manner
  • Maintain a clean, organized, and accessible field office and construction storage area
  • Know and enforce all job site rules, regulations, and safety

Customer Relations

  • Schedule and conduct all formal “points of contact,” with the customer, according to the established formats, and promptly follow-up on any outstanding questions or issues
  • Initiate additional contact with customers according to company requirements
  • Ensure expectations are being accurately established at all points of contact, using the Homeowner Manual and Company outlines and checklists
  • Be courteous and present a professional appearance when interacting with customers
  • Properly document customer concerns and come to a decision and plan of action with the customer within agreed upon time frames
  • Respond to customer contact within established time frames and document all communication in the homeowner file
  • Communicate customer satisfaction measurement process to customers
  • Achieve the company-specified customer satisfaction goals

Construction Cost Control

  • Identify and document correctly all variances and determine their cause to ensure future elimination
  • Monitor job sites continually to identify and correct inefficiencies and waste
  • Authorize payment only after field verification of quality and 100% completion of work
  • Resolve any questions or problems regarding invoices and/or payments with the appropriate parties
  • Adhere to all established policies and procedures for authorization and payment of non-contract work

Materials Management

  • Ensure material deliveries are accurate regarding quality and quantity, and handle any discrepancies on site at the time of delivery or within 48 hours
  • Ensure the proper delivery and storage of materials to guard against theft, damage, or misuse
  • Promptly and properly communicate material variances to the Company
  • Properly document all material returns

Quality Management

  • Review plan accuracy and properly communicate any problems to the Construction Department
  • Enforce the company quality standards at all times
  • Ensure adherence to all defect-prevention procedures
  • Walk all homes under construction daily according to company practices and conduct inspections. Document in homeowner file all inspection checklists
  • Conduct all quality control inspections in accordance with company requirements
  • Document in homeowner file all quality inspection checklists
  • Conduct pre-occupancy orientations on homes and ensure all items are 100% complete and signed off prior to closing

Safety Standards

  • Monitor job sites daily and address apparent safety issues immediately
  • Hold job site safety meetings with contractors as determined by the Company
Other Duties
  • Complete all established paperwork, reports, and files in accordance with the company format and time frames
  • Present a professional image in accordance with company appearance standards
  • Maintain a high level of ethics and integrity in all dealings
  • Maintain a personal time management system to facilitate organization and efficiency
  • Attend and pass all required training programs (management and technical)
  • Demonstrate good judgment and decision-making skills

Knowledge/Skills and Experience Preferred 
  • 0-3 years' experience preferred 
  • Knowledge of all applicable codes

  • Knowledge of the issues of mold and mold remediation

  • Knowledge of residential construction concepts and practices

  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret financial reports

  • Ability to read blueprint

  • Ability to plan, organize, manage and supervise activities of direct reports

  • Ability to analyze problems and recommend solutions

  • Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community                 

  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with customers, contracted agencies and workers, other employees, supervisory personnel