Network IB Dance Coordinator K-12 (Internal Role)

Central Office and School Leadership


Under the general direction of Treehouse Teaching and Learning, this Central Office leadership position works to lead the K-12 IB Vision for educators across the network. This position is specifically designed to aid in:

Program Objectives

  • Developing a draft vision and guiding principles for IB Dance education at BPCS;
  • reviewing our planned and enacted curriculum, particularly in grades 6-12;
  • reviewing updated national/IB arts standards documents;
  • developing a scope & sequence for grades 6-12, along with a timeline and plan for rolling out any changes;
  • additional curriculum alignment work as time permits.
  • Cultivating a “cohort” of IB Dance teachers

Resource Management (As necessary)

  • Request new materials in order to provide instructional support to teachers in their attempts to meet K-12 IB Dance curricular outcomes.
  • Manage budget for any sessions through the school year (2-3 maximum over the year)


  • Calendaring of Vision Meetings
    • During year 2x in person (on network PD Days);
    • During PD Time (quarterly - virtual - arranged through Principals)


    • IB Dance Vision Statement
    • K-12 Guiding principles/beliefs
        • Standards Alignment
        • Grounded in Best Practice/Research in Arts
        • E.g. What does the rigor bar look like?
        • K-12 skills progression
    • K-12th IB Scope and Sequence
    • Program Alignment Recommendations