Food&Beverages Sourcing Analyst

Other Milano, Italy


Member of the F&B Team, reports to Guillaume Creusevau, Group’s Procurements and Sourcing Manager.

Based in Milano, very frequent travels in Italy, monthly travels to France.

You are in charge of the sourcing of food&beverages products located in Italy for Big Mamma.

Your main mission is to search and identify new suppliers and new products for the group.

  1. Enlargement and upgrade of the group’s producers and partners portfolio
    • Constant monitoring of products and producers in all italian regions
    • Search and identify potential new suppliers, study their characteristics and participate actively in the selection of new partners for the group
    • Lead the process to onboard those potential new suppliers as new partners (first price approach, logisitics, finance, etc …
    • Support the group’s procurements departement in setting up call of tenders with italian suppliers
    • Participate in negociations with suppliers with the procurements department
    • Monitor the implementation of new suppliers, from the production center to the restaurants


  1. Management of the producers and partners portfolio
    • Monitor the group’s producers portfolio, be the main point of contact for our partners, give regular feedback using restaurants and procurements help, ensure the group’s code of conduct is respected
    • Put in place a rating mechanism, define associated rules and entry/exit mechanisms for suppliers
    • Set up and manage an extensive database gathering actual and potentiel suppliers, with all relevant informations and feedbacks


  1. Participate in the renewing and enlargement of the offer
    • Constitute, update and enrich a database of potential available products for the group’s artistic department
    • Be able to constantly offer new alternatives to the artistic department (including trainings on new products)
    • Analyse the sourcing demands of the artistic department, support the procurement departments in answering to those demands
    • Help and advise in the constant renewing of the brand
  1. Objectifs 2020
  • Doubling the group’s producers portfolio
  • Secure and find back up for strategic products
  • Decrease theoretical Food Cost by 1% (group level)
  • Reach the group’s Product Pride policy targets