Head barman 🚀

Administrative London, United Kingdom


 Job Description


Key Points:

As the Head Barman, you will be part of the Big Mamma opening team in the UK, you will be in charge of:

  • Management of the weekly team rota with the operating software
  • Operational and daily activity of the restaurant
  • Organize with the GM the pre-employment day trial of the barmen.
  • Monitoring the training & quality of the whole Bar
  • Respect the Bar turnover, People Cost and Hygiene targets.
  • Of the new menus and R&D (With the support of the Beverage Group Manager)
  • Controlling the drink cost, stock, and execute a monthly inventory
  • The Hiring process, taking care of the promotion and managing the training and the onboardings.

You will have to report directly to the GM regarding all the daily operation and management key point (HACCP, drink cost, rota).

The Beverage Manager Group will be your technical and R&D support, he will keep you follow the guideline concerning the drink offer and the quality.

 All of these points are susceptible to change and to be updated according to our activity in the UK.