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Position at ArborBridge

Program Manager (Remote)

At ArborBridge, our number one goal is to relieve the stress of the test-taking process. While everyone here impacts customer service, it’s the Program Manager who plays the most important role, shaping how customers feel about their entire test-taking process and, by extension, ArborBridge.

We are lucky to have a strong team of Program Managers who draw on empathy, organization, and communication skills to support students and their families around the world. We’re looking for someone who wants to join that team and contribute by helping students achieve their academic goals and by guiding families through the process with compassion and humility. ArborBridge focuses primarily on college admissions tests—SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP and IB exams—so we are looking for someone with a strong knowledge of these exams or a passion for learning more deeply about them.  

ArborBridge provides on-the-job mentoring and training for the Program Manager role. There is also potential for advancement for Program Managers who show mastery of our product and exams, initiative for personal growth, and proactive and innovative management of projects. These advancement pathways include other positions in ArborBridge’s Client Relations, Sales, Operations, and Instruction departments.

About You:

To be successful in the Program Manager position, it’s helpful if you are…

An Empathetic Guide.

The families we serve are in the middle of one of the most stressful periods of their lives, when the “final grade” of the parenting phase—college acceptance and high school graduation—looms large. Program Managers are active listeners who provide clear-eyed emotional and organizational support throughout the test-taking process, serving as a safe harbor in choppy waters. At the same time, you will provide support to the tutors working with these families. When tutors hit a snag in a program, it will be you they turn to for advice, next steps, and discussions with the family. Program Managers know how to provide empathy and support to everyone involved in the program.

A Clear Communicator.

Program Managers excel at educating our customers on exactly what they need to know without inundating them with too much information. It is essential that Program Managers take ownership of their role as educators and know how to make every aspect of the process as easy to understand and as clear as possible.

An Organized and Proactive Problem Solver.

When stressors arise, Program Managers are ready to help. Program Managers do the heavy lifting of organizing the test-taking process, while making it look practically effortless. We trust our Program Managers to use their judgment and creativity to proactively prevent and solve problems, and the rest of the team at ArborBridge supports them in reaching that goal.

How Your Skills and Passion Come to Life at ArborBridge:

  • Serving as the primary contact for enrolled families, including introducing families to tutors, handling email/phone correspondence, conducting periodic check-ins, and relaying practice test results.
  • Making program recommendations to families looking for advice on how many hours to tutor, when to take exams, which exams to take, and how to set test prep goals.
  • Getting to know your families, including actively listening to parents, knowing when to call and when to email, and leaning into difficult conversations.
  • Providing program quality control by regularly reviewing and sending lesson notes, checking in with tutors, monitoring practice test completion, and proactively addressing issues.
  • Coordinating and collaborating with other departments at ArborBridge, including attending weekly meetings with the Instruction Team to discuss program successes and brainstorm support for specific programs.
  • Occasionally communicating with Independent Educational Consultants about student progress.

What You’ve Accomplished:

  • 1 to 2+ years minimum in a customer service-oriented role
  • Demonstrated passion for connecting with people, especially parents
  • Development of top-notch communication skills via phone, email, and in-person
  • Ability to work independently and think critically
  • Curiosity about the test prep world (previous test prep industry experience is not required—we’ll happily train you; however, test prep experience is a plus and is rewarded in compensation)

Compensation and Benefits:

  • $45,000 - $65,000, depending on experience
  • Bonus potential after 6 months of employment
  • $200/month healthcare stipend
  • $50/month mobile phone stipend
  • Casual dress code
  • Flexible hours
  • Flexible, paid vacation
  • Company-provided laptop
  • Fun, friendly, inclusive environment

About ArborBridge:

ArborBridge is a premier test preparation company and tutoring firm, delivering one-on-one tutoring to students in more than 50 countries around the world. We specialize in SAT and ACT preparation and offer extensive tutoring for AP exams, SAT Subject Tests, ISEE and SSAT, graduate exams, and academic subjects. With the most sophisticated diagnostic algorithm in the industry and more individual lesson plans than any other company, ArborBridge is the most highly customized and efficient platform on the market. Our elite tutors meet with students online and in-person and build programs around individual needs, making the most of time and maximizing learning.