Correspondent - Arabic Channel

Arabic Channel London, United Kingdom


Position at Al Jazeera Media Network


Following up with news, phrasing content and preparing TV reports for newsroom. Doing live interventions for different news services.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Get news directly from the source to achieve the excellence for Al Jazeera.
  • Cover breaking news and continuing to do updates in accurate and credible manner
  • Responds to news room assignments
  • Production of high-quality, ready-to-broadcast field reports
  • Prepare highly-professional live television interventions.
  • Submit proposals for stories and creative reports from the reporting area.
  • Conduct in depth interviews and dialogues with respective parties and persons.
  • Represents Al Jazeera in the field with all its values, mission and brand.
  • Generates exclusive and authentic ideas that can be translated into distinctive reports and cover stories.
  • Participates in editorial meetings to identify key news stories that require content development.
  • Participates in providing Planning Department with the key news stories proposals that might involve content development 
  • Performs all functions assigned by the concerned departments (Newsroom/Planning Department/Correspondents section, etc.)
Job Requirements and Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's degree in journalism or any other specialisation ‘or’ the relevant experience
  • At least 5 years of experience Editorial out of which 3 years in field work as a television correspondent
  • Precision in the Arabic language spoken and written.
  • Editorial, political and cultural awareness and the ability to define standards of news and professional stories.
  • Fluency and readiness to speak live to support breaking news and programs according to the needs of Al Jazeera.
  • A distinctive, confident voice performance capable of communicating effectively with viewers.
  • Skills in producing news and reports quickly and effectively at different broadcast platforms: TV, websites and social media.
  • Has the ability to mobilise and travel based on the changing needs of the organization.
  • Mastering the language of the country in which he or she will work
  • Knowledge of the affairs and issues of the country and territory in which (s)he will operate
  • Ability to deal with the technical crew (s)he works with
  • Knowledge of new Media (networking platforms.
  • Asking questions and having dialogue effectively and efficiently
  • Proper drafting of news and reports
  • Interpretation of visuals.
  • Flexibility and stamina to maintain distinctive performance when exposed to pressure from tight time obligations.
  • Handling of modern technology of press coverage (Mobile Press)