Battery System Design Engineer

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Battery System Design Engineer (SSES)



  • Be responsible for the product’s industrial design, 3D modeling, calculation, and simulations.
  • Collaborate with a dynamic team of engineers on the development of an innovative stationary battery storage product.
  • Provide feedback to product manager as to how to achieve industrial design objectives while meeting cost, structural, thermal, electromechanical requirements.
  • Design in SolidWorks daily, and be an expert user of Excel for engineering calculations.
  • Apply engineering analysis to designs: carry out calculations, simulations (ANSYS or SIMULIA).



  • Bachelor’s Degree (BASc) in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent with minimum 5 years of practical experience in the relevant industry.
  • Highly proficient in using Solidworks (or equivalent) 3D CAD software.
  • Ability to use ANSYS, SIMULIA or equivalent to conduct basic thermal and structural simulations of enclosed power electronics system and familiarity with different methods of managing heat transfer (natural convection, forced-air cooling, or liquid-cooling).
  • Knowledge and experience in designing outdoor system enclosure, chassis, and housing that meet at least NEMA 3 or IP54 rating.
  • Can perform mechanical design calculations to assess the structural integrity of the system for overall load weight in excess of 60,000 lbs.
  • Well versed in manufacturing processes such as injection molding, metal stamping, sheet metal bending, and welding.
  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced R&D environment.
  • Highly motivated and self-starter capable to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks.



  • Hands on experience, fundamental knowledge, and technical training in the following fields -- power electronics, renewable energy systems, battery- or generator-backed power systems, EV charging, and energy storage systems.
  • Knowledge of electro-mechanical systems and components is a plus (examples include high-voltage/high-current busbars, relays & magnetic contractors, fuses & circuit breakers, distribution panel, connectors & interface, etc.).
  • Experience in rapid prototyping, CNC, and collaboration with suppliers/vendors to fabricate custom parts for low and high-volume production (examples include sheet metal, cast aluminum, machined parts, molded plastics, etc.).
  • Track record for tackling design challenges with an innovative problem-solving methods.