Community Assistant - Northgate Lakes

Community Opportunities Oviedo, Florida


As a Community Assistant, you are on the front lines of selling and delivering the Campus Advantage experience! The fundamentals of what you do fall into five key areas:

Lead and Communicate: You must be a communication and leadership ninja! You are the face of the Students First® experience. We trust you to build and coach a great team, and communicate with important stakeholders like residents, guarantors, teammates, and the university.

Plan the Work/Work the Plan: To make all of this work, you will execute the management and marketing plans, as well as coordinate and participate in the Students First® experience. In case of an emergency, it’s all hands on deck to execute our emergency preparedness plan.

Heads on Beds: In order to provide amazing experiences to our residents, we have to get them in the door! This includes understanding your market, marketing and leasing, customer service, and residence life.

Collect Rent/Pay the Bills: This is a multimillion-dollar operation. Keep those dollars in mind when planning events; suggesting community improvements; and using equipment, supplies, and materials. Materials and equipment don’t magically show up!

Preserve the Asset: Maintaining the physical asset is a fundamental aspect of this role. Put your ninja skills to work when serving on call. You’ll need to kick butt at participating in the notorious process student housing calls “turn”.