Corporate Leasing Specialist

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Job Description

The Corporate Leasing Specialist is a hands-on, road warrior position. This individual will trouble-shoot and assist our communities in the areas of leasing and marketing wherever possible. This role assists in building and training strong leasing teams, as well as acting as interim leasing manager when necessary.

The Corporate Leasing Specialist responsibilities include monitoring staff, overseeing leasing and marketing performance, building university relationships, implementing Campus Advantage’s leasing Policy & Procedures, and holding the staff accountable to meet leasing goals. This position reports to the Regional Leasing Specialist.



  • Conduct tours, diligently pursue the close of each sale, perform follow ups, and complete leasing paperwork with prospective residents
  • Assist leasing agents with completing the sale if necessary
  • De-brief with leasing manager each day regarding traffic, prospect objections, and upcoming events
  • Ensure the leasing team has the required sales and marketing materials to complete sales
  • Ensure the leasing office, lease documents, and marketing materials are up to date
  • Administer and review all lease paperwork

Marketing and Public Relations:

  • Assist in the creation of the annual marketing plan
  • Plan and implement the annual renewal leasing campaign
  • Complete weekly market surveys
  • Continually evaluate the marketing plan and budget based on preleasing velocity and resident/staff feedback to make improvements to the plan and/or adjust for new opportunities or when tactics are not effective
  • Coordinate, staff, and attend all campus events that are related to on or off campus housing

Leadership and Development:

  • Help manage leasing staff
  • Provide motivation and oversee sales goals on a daily basis
  • Train and supervise leasing team to ensure that they are conducting tours, diligently pursuing the close of each sale, completing follow ups, and executing the leasing paperwork thoroughly and correctly

Human Resources

  • Aid the Property Manager in the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of all leasing professionals and agents


  • Manage all lease files and ensure that they are accurate, complete, and organized
  • Ensure all executed lease files are entered into the leasing database
  • Maintain the overall filing system for all current, future, and in-progress lease files, including the physical files

Property Maintenance:

  • Set a high standard for cleanliness and organization in the buildings and grounds, and ensure staff members at all levels are following the same
  • Inform the Property Manager and Regional Manager of any concerns related to the physical condition of the common areas, individual apartment units, or amenity areas
  • Conduct inspections of model units at least once per day to ensure they are in pristine condition, and make sure any uncleanliness or disorder is quickly remedied


Resident Relations and Customer Service:

  • Maintain a positive and professional relationship with every resident to spread positive word of mouth


  • Assist the management team with weekly reporting and weekend update reporting
  • Complete tasks as assigned by your supervisor and Property Manager
  • Notify Property Manager of any office supplies, lease forms, and/or marketing materials to be ordered
  • Ensure the office is opened and closed at the designated times


  • Bachelor’s Degree Preferred
  • PC Literacy (Microsoft Office)
  • Realpage Experience Preferred
  • 1-2 Years Sales Experience, Student Housing Preferred

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