Disassembler / Parts Washer - BRC

Repair Center Warringtion, Pennsylvania


JOB SUMMARY:    Takes personal responsibility for the quality, aesthetics, and efficiency when producing or disassembling electro-mechanical parts and sub-assemblies per written procedures and verbal instructions. Willingness to escalate known or suspected problems until satisfactory resolution is received.


  • Assembly of parts and subassemblies per process documentation and verbal direction provided by Production Manager or designee.
  • Disassembly of modules in preparation for washing in a parts washer.
  • Hand cleaning parts.
  • Preparation of assemblies for repair and/or subsequent processing.
  • Labeling, as required.
  • Quality of work with zero tolerance for errors due to inattention or deviation from process documentation without prior approval from Production Manager.
  • Attention to product aesthetics.
  • Notifying Production Management of possible process/assembly improvements and assisting Production Manager and/or Engineering in documenting any change.
  • Confirmation of correct inventory when jobs are pulled.
  • Maintenance of personal work station and any other workstation used in the course of completing a Work Order.
  • Willingness to provide assistance in Shop as required.


  • Skill with hand tools (e.g., drivers, wrenches)
  • Ability to organize work space materials and tools to increase work flow and minimize errors
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Good reading comprehension skills
  • Basic PC skills


High School Degree or Equivalent


Cross training in several “high volume” assemblies