Account Executive

Account Management Sausalito, California


Play a key role in the development of communications for our client’s initiatives. Lead internal agency teams thorough project initiation, campaign development and be the centerpiece of the production/implementation process. Further develop internal team and client relationship skills as the primary day-to-day contact—managing the overall work flow between the agency and clients.



  • Open project numbers and input documentation into workamajig
  • Work with resource managers to establish all creative and design teams
  • Schedule kick-offs, briefings, creative reviews and internal reviews, including media IR’s
  • Coordinate with all necessary producers and creative services manager to establish a master campaign schedule for development and production
  • Drive the kick-off to the creative process: scheduling the initial briefing with creative, planning and senior account and then the follow up date for the first IR for the broader team
  • Route creative concepts to all team members (creative, ECD, account supervisor, broadcast, art buying, print production, interactive production, proofreading, and media) and ensure internal approvals of layouts/storyboard/scripts before client presentations
  • Review executions for product guidelines and corporate identity
  • Lead the materials of the client presentation to ensure they are accurate and on time
  • Liaise with BSSP producers (broadcast, print and or digital) to drive the production process (dates/deliverables/routing assets) in their respective media once an idea nears concept approval from the client. BSSP producers should drive the internal process and then this person would move that work through to the client.
  • Obtain approvals of Account Supervisor/Director, Art Buyer, Business Affairs and Legal of creative and production materials before presenting or sending to client
  • Maintain master campaign schedules with creative services manager, appropriate producers, creative, media and client
  • Ensure that meeting rooms are set up with proper materials/presentations prior to calls, operate/distribute conference numbers
  • Become the keeper of product information, such as digital asset management, legal disclaimers, style guides, etc. for the account; be the keeper of insuring all work
  • Participate with other senior account team with on-site production: broadcast, photo-shoots, etc.
  • Thoroughly review and understand production estimates, then route for client signature and promptly distribute signed estimates internally


  • Coordinate project schedules to clients; update and distribute on a regular basis to ensure all creative and production personnel are aware of project and presentation dates throughout the life of a job
  • Develop and obtain client approvals on creative rotations, traffic instructions, talent payments etc. and distribute as needed to internal team
  • Author and lead client status calls and documentation
  • Write and distribute all conference reports within 24 hours of a client meeting
  • Facilitate miscellaneous client and media/partner asset requests


  • Work with the senior account, media and planning teams to monitor and analyze key competitors and category trends for insight that may benefit our clients
  • Lead and maintain industry intelligence in the form of newsletters, competitive flash reports, etc.
  • Primary gatekeeper and ambassador of the client’s products. This is the ownership of both assets and a working understanding of the product and how it can be used in our campaigns.


  • Gain a full understanding of the client billing process, and along with your BSSP finance partner, build a relationship with the billing contact at the client and manage the general budget and invoicing documents
  • Attend and oversee all communications between the BSSP billing coordinator and the client (BSSP finance to gain more client access, but reporting to this person) – this to provide regular budget/invoicing reports internally and externally
  • Key participant with monthly billing meetings with Finance and Production
  • Provide regular invoice aging reports to client and escalate to appropriate senior account staff when an issue arises


Admittedly, this person must wear many hats, but success for this person requires someone to fluidly move between agency internal development and client-facing management of content. This person would find him or herself squarely at the center of this overall process.