Associate Sound Designer - Unannounced Project

Audio / Sound Irvine, CA


The minions of hell grow stronger! Our family of diabolically talented developers is expanding. Our backgrounds are varied but we all share a passion for the dark, gothic, and macabre. If you value a tight-knit team that celebrates self-expression and a multi-disciplinary approach, then join us on the Diablo team!

The Associate Sound Designer should already come with some experience and knowledge of digital audio workstations (DAWs), audio editing, audio field recording, audio plug-ins and sound design.

The Associate Sound Designer will work closely with the sound supervisor, sound designers and game producers to be an essential part of supporting the sound scape of Diablo. You will be assisting with various activities like creating video captures of animations for outsourcing and VO sessions, then taking those outsourced deliverables and implementing them back into the game. You will also be assisting with field/foley recording sessions, editing the recorded audio and preparing sound banks ready to be used in sound design plug-ins for sound designers. Also, you will have opportunities to record, design and implement your own new sounds into the game to further develop your skills. You must also be able to take feedback appropriately and effectively and be a team player.


  • Experience using Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) such as Pro tools, Nuendo, Reaper, etc.
  • A passion and drive for recording audio and sound design for games.


  • Previous experience and knowledge of audio middleware such as Audiokinetic Wwise or FMOD Studio
  • Previous experience with field and/or foley recording.
  • Previous experience with sound design for linear media.
  • Experience using “Building block DSP” such as Kyma, Max/MSP or Reaktor
  • Computer-readable or level-design style scripting or light programming knowledge

Required Application Materials

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Submit an online demo reel showing current experience