Associate/Mid Outsource Artist

Art / Animation Irvine, CA



Pull up a chair and join us by the hearth!  Our Hearthstone Outsource Team is looking to add to their party a 2D generalist excited to help with the ever-changing duties of the art team.  With 10 Mana Crystals at the ready, this individual’s many talents and creativity will help contribute and maintain the high-quality bar that is Hearthstone’s visual representation.  Working closely with art and design, this artist will help with paint over needs for efforts such as Tavern Brawls and New Ways to Play, as well as work closely with the Outsource Managers on day-to-day in-game tasks.  If you are excited about every day being different, love learning new pipelines, and enjoy new challenges we would love to chat with you! 



  • Work with art and design on paint overs and implementation of game ready assets.
  • Closely work with the Outsource Managers and the design team on preparation for art assets for our external team of artists.
  • Help tackle day-to-day requests and in-game bugs as they arise.
  • Work within Unity to finalize in-game assets for card art and facilitate the review process with stakeholders.
  • Tackle new challenges from a fast-paced development environment with ever-changing daily tasks.



  • Understanding of Hearthstone’s visual style and whimsical take on the Warcraft IP.
  • Self-motivated, collaborative and analytical as it relates to pipelines and tackling unique daily tasks.
  • Able to work quickly and comfortably within a production environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and able to work within a team with an eye to improve the player experience and game itself.
  • Positive attitude and an ability to receive and provide objective feedback.
  • An interest in learning multiple aspects of the art pipeline and document processes for the art team.
  • Engine experience, such as Unity, and a drive to problem solve when given unique bugs or tasks.
  • Familiarity with the Warcraft Universe and Hearthstone.



  • Strong foundational skills included but not limited to traditional or digital painting and illustration.
  • Passion for creating charming and lighthearted imagery and storytelling.
  • Previous game production experience.
  • An interest in card art illustration, concept, FX, Tech Art or UI.

Application & Portfolio Materials

  • Cover Letter (recommended)
  • Portfolio demonstrating relevant artistic skills required
  • Only online submissions will be accepted (e.g. website, blog, or online album)
  • Must be willing to complete an art test if required to do so