Cloud Engineer

Information Technology Woodland Hills, California



  • Manage AWS, GCP and/or Azure cloud environments
  • Manage the full lifecycle of DevOps tools, Jenkins, Artifactory, Consul and other tools as required including upgrades, patches and scalability enhancements
  • Provide subject matter expertise to other groups on cloud native capabilities and tools
  • Build and manage on premise and cloud-based Kubernetes clusters
  • Configure, deploy, and scale open source software including: Ubuntu Linux, Docker, rkt, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Fluentd, Flannel, Elasticsearch
  • Contribute code back to open source projects to fix bugs and add features needed by our team 
  • Write new components from scratch when there is no suitable open source project 
  • Build sensors to monitor platform health and performance 
  • Interact with customers to promote best practices and influence architecture to be cloud-native 
  • Troubleshoot and fix the system when it breaks 
  • Share the responsibility of being on-call 

  • Proficiency with shell scripting and related tools 
  • Proficiency with Linux SysOps tasks 
  • Experience using Docker in production 
  • Can write clean, readable code 
  • Familiarity with networking, comp sci stuff, and distributed systems 
  • Experience with Golang and Kubernetes is a plus 
  • Eager to learn and soak in new information 
  • Excited about how container-based platforms can transform DevOps as we know it
  • Strong ownership, pride of work, and ability to take things across the finish line
  • Someone energized by a fast-paced, iterative approach
  • Expertise in using and managing cloud platforms and cloud native tools
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • A minimum of two years direct experience building or operating cloud native applications using Kubernetes and Docker
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience with a significant subset of the following technologies:  HTML, CSS, XML, SOAP, Ajax, JavaScript, IIS, MSSQL, MySQL, Go, Jenkins, Chef, PowerShell, WMI, Java, Apache, Tomcat, SSL
  • Prior C#, ASP.NET, Ruby, Go or Java development experience, preferably in an agile SaaS environment
  • Exposure to Kubernetes in a bare metal/non-public cloud provider environment
  • Significant experience with open source platforms and technologies
  • Experience with software development processes and methodologies
  • Experience building cloud native/cloud first applications in a cloud environment such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
  • Track record of architecting, developing, implementing robust, distributed online solutions