Embedded Software Engineer Intern

Cloudcheck Wifi Madrid, Spain


Position:                     Embedded Software Engineer Intern


Work Site:                 ASSIA ELA, C/ Maria Tubau 3, Madrid 28050

Duties:                        The candidate will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with client side development of a novel Cloud computing solution to improve the Internet experience. Will primarily use C to develop data collections and local algorithms in customer premise equipment (CPE) running Linux that will enable server diagnostics and optimizations. Work closely with other embedded/systems/QA engineers and regularly with CPE vendors in order to evolve the CPE base supported.

Hours:                        X hours per week


Commitment:            12-weeks minimum and intention to hire full-time at the end of the internship


Education &             

Experience:               Master’s degree or the equivalent in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Technology. Students in their final year of degree completion are welcome to apply as well. No previous working experience is required.


Requirements:          Skills learned during the degree must include:

  • Use of embedded toolchains and build systems (cross-compiling)
  • Strong C programming, especially multi-threading and networking
  • Advanced knowledge of Linux OS (from user and programmer perspective)
  • Makefile programming
  • Use of version control systems such as SVN or GIT


Bonus Points:            Extra skills desirable for the position:

  • Self-motivated and quick learner team player
  • Knowledge of networking tools like iperf, tcpdump, nmap, and nc
  • Knowledge of routers internals
  • Autotools/automake programming
  • Knowledge of bug tracking systems such as JIRA or Bugzilla
  • Familiar with Google Protocol Buffers
  • Familiar with Python
  • Familiar with MongoDB
  • Comfortable with shell scripting
  • Curious about reverse engineering