Strategic Conversations Architect

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Position at Ashoka

Ashoka - Strategic Conversations Architect


This position will play a critical role in shaping the emergence of a new narrative in the faith world – one that provides clear examples of what an Everyone a Changemaker (EACH) faith world would look like.  Building a process to find, vet and highlight changemakers and innovative institutional players, this leader will strategically put together conversations among exemplars who are showing the way forward and illuminating the “how-to’s. Through panel discussions in the style of Ashoka’s Welcome Change events (though perhaps with workshops attached), articles, etc. Ashoka will accelerate the shifts needed to create an ecosystem in the faith world that supports Everyone as a Changemaker(EACH).


  • Design/plan and help carrying out strategic conversations and communications in a way that further refines and speeds the major shifts we need to spread the Everyone a Changemaker vision and way of being in the faith sector.
  • Cultivate and lead work with media partners in the faith sector
  • Design, oversee content for the Faith & Changemaking web and social media presences
  • Guide the agendas, topics for Faith & Changemaking team strategic communications and support the nurture of our community with content.
  • Collaborate with the Community Architect to organize approximately monthly public strategic conversations/articles that can help engage, build and activate our community and accelerate movement on the shifts toward EACH
  • Design and run sessions with influencers and exemplars on key topics to increase public conversation about the positive work being done on the key shifts needed in the faith sector and to generate insights and inspire action (replications, as well as word of mouth spread, speaking, publishing etc.) in support of our movement.
  • Ensure inclusive participation by presenters and audiences according to location, race, religion, gender, etc. to reflect Ashoka’s values and global presence
  • Suggest and participate in writing articles or posts to further our narrative and the shifts we seek to achieve
  • Collaborate with the Community Architect to draw out examples from Ashoka’s work across the world that can further our EACH movement in the faith world.
  • Cultivate, articulate, organize for easy access, and share examples thematically according to the shifts that we see as necessary. Make resources available on such subjects as:
    • How to change practices within faith communities and organizations to open roles and empower people more broadly – and to operate in more fluid open teams of teams across faith traditions.


  • In the context of faith communities, how to support children mastering empathy and syoung people identifying as changemakers (led by their faith)


  • How to empower and activate faith communities to have major impact on the key issues facing society,
    1. As part of Ashoka Fellows’ social change strategies (e.g., homelessness)
    2. Initiating their own efforts (climate)
    3. Converting from serving to empowering (outreach in their local communities)
    4. Taking on systemic change (e.g., public education justice, racism)


  • Serve as Accountability Partner to the writers supporting the team.


Skills/Experience Requirements

Excellent writing, speaking, storytelling and presentation skills. Familiarity with all forms of social media and other media. Entrepreneurial Track record: entrepreneur /founder of a social sector or business entity, or the creator of an important initiative within an existing organization. Experience with any tradition within the faith sector and a passion for helping shape a thriving faith for the future. Belief in the critical relevance of Ashoka’s Everyone a Changemaker vision and the complementary nature of faith and changemaking.