Ashoka Southeast Asia Senior Search Leader - Indonesia

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Position Time: Full-Time
Location: Hybrid (Online and Jakarta Office)
Period: 12 Months (with opportunity to continue)
Scope: Indonesia and Southeast Asia

About Ashoka
Ashoka is on an audacious mission – to create a world where everyone is a changemaker i.e. a world where everyone has the agency and skills to make a positive change in their families or communities. It is only in such a world where the solutions will outrun our social problems. With its global network of over 3.500 leading social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows), 10,000 youth ventures, 180+ changemaker schools, and 30+ changemaker campuses – as well as a community of 20,000+ innovators on – Ashoka works with strategic partners to empower people with the skills to create solutions for the good of all in a world of constant change.


Role and Responsibilities  

Key Responsibilities Include, but are not limited to: 

  • Define, implement and test systems, methodologies and practices that helps Ashoka build the capacity to recruit priority senior staff talent in Southeast Asia 
  • Implement the Onesearch to build EACH community in Southeast Asia 
  • Build out an ecosystem of Ashoka Fellows, Alumni, and Partners working in co-leading teams of teams in collaboration for untapped changemaker talent to find the right opportunities to achieve their full potential   
  • Conceptualize and recommend new engagement approaches, sharing/collaborative methodologies to effect continual improvements in talent, partners, nominator, funder acquisition for Ashoka and Ashoka Fellowship 
  • Manage data asset management for the Indo Hub on Salesforce which can serve many important initiatives; talent search, “100 Conversations” initiative, partnership, and other communications efforts. 


A well-qualified candidate will possess the following: 

  • Ashoka Fellowship or close equivalent 
  • Proven cross-functional project leadership experience 
  • 8 years of systems-level social entrepreneurship experience  
  • Ideally, three of the following four areas of expertise:  executive search, program design and development, collaborative leadership, agile design methodology 


Personal Qualities

  • Ashoka has a rigorous screening process for hiring staff at all career stages. All applicants for all positions must possess the following qualities along with the appropriate degree of experience: 
  • Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship: Compelled to take creative initiative and ownership (e.g. founding an organization or company, starting a movement, or re-shaping the work of an existing organization). Demonstrates relentless and realistic how-to-thinking and passion for seeing their ideas come to life. 
  • Understanding and Belief in the Everyone a Changemaker: Understands and believes the Everyone a Changemaker vision at a gut level. To be able to innately ‘get’ this, candidates should have a broad and inquisitive intellectual and a thinking pattern that connects the dots between historical trends and current social context. 
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence: Ability to work efficiently and respectfully in teams, putting organizational/team goal first (personal glory second). 
  • Ethical Fiber: Exceptionally strong ethical behavior. Is self-reflective and has strong empathy skills. Trustworthy. 
  • Self-Definition: The person expects that changing the world in big ways and on a continental scale is what he/she will do in life.