Ashoka - Global Digital Marketing Analyst

Global Bangalore, India


Position at Ashoka

TL;DR The global digital marketing analyst will strategize with communications teams across all continents so that: digital communications and business intelligence will move forward at Ashoka. This is an opportunity to co-lead sustainable digital transformation at one of the largest and most impactful non-profit organizations in the world.

Nature of Work 

  • Full-time employee 
  • Hybrid work (only for necessary in-person meetings) 
  • Truly flexible work hours, ~40 hours a week 
  • Systematic review of personal and professional goals, every year 
  • Meet and work with a highly diverse team

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Co-create strategy, goals, and measurable outcomes for communications campaigns 
  • Ensure accurate data recording for all Ashoka communications channels 
  • Co-create communications reports with Ashoka teams 
  • Improve uptake of data-driven communications across Ashoka teams 
  • Increase adoption of digital marketing best practices across communications channels 
  • Manage Ashoka’s Google Ads Grant, globally 
  • Upgrade communications-related analytics processes and resources 
  • Explore the use of AI/ML, predictive analytics, and other new avenues in data analytics 
  • Collaborate on business intelligence projects across Ashoka 

Desired Experience & Skills

Experience: At least 3 years of experience in a data-led digital communications role; previous work in non-profit and/or social entrepreneurship sector, preferred 

Skilled at using and navigating:  

  • Frameworks related to goal-setting and KPI/OKR tracking 
  • Web analytics tools (such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.) 
  • Digital communications tools (such as Google Search Console, Lighthouse, etc.) 
  • ETL and data visualization tools (such as PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, etc.) 
  • CMS platforms (such as Drupal, WordPress, etc.) 
  • Social media and social listening tools (such as Hootsuite, Meltwater, etc.) 
  • Basic SQL queries and databases 
  • Conversations across diverse global settings

Mindset & Ethical Fiber

The global digital marketing analyst will: 

  • Prioritize quality over quantity 
  • Have the perseverance to teach and coach people 
  • Be inclusive and empathetic in a variety of scenarios 
  • Be comfortable challenging others and while being challenged by others 
  • Create a joyful and meaningful environment of interactions


For queries and clarifications directly related to the role, reach out to Aravind (
[email protected])