Challenge Manager for Partnership

Changemakers Arlington, Virginia


Position at Ashoka

About Ashoka   


Ashoka invests in people who see the world not as it is, but as it could be; who seek to change a broken system instead of letting it continue. We call them social entrepreneurs, and over the past 35 years, we have supported more than 3,800 Ashoka Fellows as leading social entrepreneurs in 70 countries. Our work is based on a fundamental insight: Behind every social innovation, there are human beings. Supporting the best of them, and connecting them with a network of peers, is the most effective way to bring about social changeOur vision is a world where everyone is a changemaker – a world where everyone has the skill and confidence to drive social change and is committed to the good of all. 

Diversity is a core value at Ashoka and in the [team]. We are passionate about building and sustaining an inclusive and equitable working and learning environment for all Ashoka staff. We believe every member of our team enriches our diversity by exposing us to a broad range of ways to understand and engage with the world, identify challenges, and to discover, design, and deliver solutions. 


About Ashoka Changemakers 

Ashoka Changemakers is building a global movement where anyone, anywhere, can take action to solve a social problem in in their community. We work to build this movement by supporting social entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, policy makers, and activists who are changemaking, by delivering ground-breaking analysis, by accelerating intrepreneurship, and creating strong partnerships that will drive the movement forward. 


Our Theory of Change  

Much like what we did with the field of social entrepreneurship, we are seeking to drive a mindset shift in society by helping people see differently. To do this, we are taking collective action with powerful players in education, government, and media who are equally dedicated to our Everyone a Changemaker vision. We cannot reach every child ourselves, but by activating a carefully selected cross-cutting network of collaborators, we can set in motion an irreversible shift towards a future where everyone understands that empathy and changemaking are essential to a child’s success in growing up.   

Role Description 

Coordinates overall quality, efficiency and efficacy of deliverables. Keeps the whole team working cohesively and in a timely manner. Responsible for overall timeline, project plan and budget, and communicates needs for changes to plan with PM. Ensures the well-being of the Challenge team. Go-to person for communications about what is happening at each stage of the Challenge. This person liaises regularly with the Challenge advisor for support and quality alignment.  


  • Challenge budget (along with Partnership Manager and CM team) 
  • Challenge timeline 
  • Project plan (with breakdown of activities, deadlines and responsible people) 
  • Manage relationship and communications with Taco Bell Foundation Ambition Accelerator Product Lead 
  • Schedules and Hosts recurring meeting with TBF’s Ambition Accelerator Product Lead, creates agenda and shares notes with them. Keep track of decisions and next steps, document them in case there is a disagreement with the partner about what was discussed and agreed upon and communicate them to PM to ensure alignment with strategy. 
  • All internal communications with Challenge operations team (notes, agenda setting, etc.) 
  • Challenge page setup (support from Platform Manager + visuals and text from Communications Manager) 
  • Challenge specific Terms and Conditions (template provided by advisor) 
  • During the framing: Coordinate the framing session agenda and deck, definition of KPIs, definition of key dates, definition of stakeholders & target applicants 
  • Ensure the Challenge is GDPR compliant (follow guidelines from Challenge Advisor and Data Privacy Manager) 
  • Ensure the following deliverables are prepared by the team in a timely manner and participate in co-creation as needed: Definition of Prize package & benefits, key messaging (coordinate with Communications Manager), calendar & Strategy for Network Activation (coordinate with Community Manager) , calendar for Media content and activities (coordinate with Communications Manager), evaluation Criteria (lead by Knowledge Manager) and eligibility Criteria (in collaboration with Knowledge Manager) 
  • Application form (support Knowledge Manager), review Process flow (in collaboration with Knowledge Manager and broader team) 
  • Launch activities 
  • Challenge page updates (can be split with Communications Manager) 
  • Review Process Management and Operations: Organize office hours for reviewers, send reminders to reviewers, troubleshoot any issues that might emerge (delayed reviews, platform issues, etc), coordinates reviewer reports and track review completion, feedback review (plan + collaborate with other team members), ensure there is a plan and support for community managers who will send the feedback to applicants, reviewer recruitment for Screening, shortlisting and screening & shortlisting processes and panels  
  • CM to oversee the Due Diligence process for finalists and ensure this process is aligned to the timeline and communications to the partner about Finalists (support from Challenge Advisor); (This will be different for Youth Challenge and Field Building). 
  • Support judges panel coordination (judges' recruitment and panel facilitation is the Partnership Lead's responsibility) 
  • Impact evaluation survey and analysis.
  • Lead final report & engagement review (in collaboration with other team members) 


The Americas.

Skills Must Have 

  • At least 3 years professional experience in project management and coordinating teams 
  • An attention for detail and highly organized. 
  • Experience working directly with groups of people from different backgrounds and seniority levels, especially from the corporate sector 
  • Experience working with corporate partners and/or at corporate environments 
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English 
  • A passion for social impact, community-building, and business as a positive force for good. 
  • Passion for youth work 
  • Fluency with programs from Microsoft Office package 
  • Availability to work with US East and Pacific coast timezones 

Familiarity with:

  • Experience with online technology set up and support, including user experience design 
  • Conflict resolution experience. 

Our Team  

Diversity is a core value at Ashoka and in the [team]. We are passionate about building and sustaining an inclusive and equitable working and learning environment for all Ashoka staff. We believe every member of our team enriches our diversity by exposing us to a broad range of ways to understand and engage with the world, identify challenges, and to discover, design, and deliver solutions. 

Other Values: 

  • Creators of solutions 
  • Work with integrity and transparency  
  • Lead with empathy  
  • We are playful and have fun  
  • An eye for discovery, wonder, and innovation 
  • Own our leadership 


As part of our Ashoka global team of teams, you will interact with the executive leadership team and entrepreneurial staff from around the world who are working on a variety of different issue areas. You will work closely with partnership managers and an extended challenge team to bring our changemaker events to life. You will also have meaningful interactions with global Ashoka colleagues from all over the world. 

Hiring Process  

  1. A screening call with the hiring manager.  
  1. Team Interview with other members of the team you would be working closely with 
  1. An Ashoka Criteria Fit Interview to talk about your entrepreneurial and changemaking experiences, leadership experiences, new ideas, fit for Ashoka’s culture, and more with a member of a different team 
  1. The steps above are for short-term, contract workers (12 months or less). To learn more about the full-time employee hiring process at Ashoka, please visit this page: Ashoka's Hiring Criteria and Process | Ashoka | Everyone a Changemaker