Wedding Filmmaker DSLR - Boston

A filmmaker representing American Wedding Group shoots a structured and flowing wedding video. Our videos need to be shot cleanly and conservatively with an in-camera edit ability so that the video is ready to send to the customer immediately. Our filmmakers must be able to work discreetly and unobtrusively while still getting the footage needed. You are the observer for the client, taking in everything that they may miss, so that they can have a living record of their wedding day for all time.


Specific qualifications for the Wedding FIlmmaker position include:

    • Proven shooting track record with samples to showcase shooting style
    • Own high-quality DSLR/DSLR hybrid equipment, including back-up camera, on-board lighting, wireless lavaliere, interview microphone, tripod, slider and/or steadicam
    • Strong in-camera edit skills
    • Computer proficiency, particularly the ability to back up footage to an external hard drive before sending us the original copy via digital download
    • Professional appearance and demeanor
    • Earn $300 - $400 per event