Principal Engineering Manager

Product Management Washington, District Of Columbia


Position at Al Jazeera Media Network

The Principal Engineering Manager combines specialist programming and scripting skills with an eye for detail to deliver world class web UI for both external and internal products and projects. This role champions front end UI initiatives across product, data and editorial teams across all Al Jazeera Digital Division's newsrooms.

Total Experience:
12+ years

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead and collaborate in the design of and lead the implementation of high performance web UI across products
  • Lead the allocated front end architecture and planning tasks
  • Build front end standards, documentation
  • Write client-side code for web applications
  • Optimise client-side code for size and scale
  • Work collaboratively with Product, Engineering, Data, and Editorial teams to bridge the fields of engineering, visualisation, design, and data
  • Collaborate in the design and lead the web implementation of micro-moment interactive experiences -Take leadership of assigned tasks and tracks
Job Requirements / Qualifications:
  • Relevant experience in digital media, web, mobile and internet products - Testing - Optimisation - Team leadership - Technology management
  • Front end development with strong HTML/CSS/JS background
  • Experience with modern web standards, authoring tools and frameworks
  • A/B testing and product lifecycle iterations
  • Deployment, testing and maintenance of projects
  • Agile development methodology.
  • Leadership and mentoring of front end stakeholders and team members
  • Extensive knowledge of HTML5 standards - Knowledge of CSS, SASS
  • Knowledge of visualisation techniques and frameworks
  • Knowledge of LAMP, REST
  • Knowledge of MVC and or reactive programming
  • Knowledge of agile development processes
  • Knowledge of Source and Version Control (GitHub/GitLabs)
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration