Newsletter Editor - Text

Digital Division Washington D.C., District Of Columbia


Position at AJ+

Brief Description:

We’re looking for an editor to conceive, commission and edit short pieces for non-traditional formats like newsletters and Twitter threads. This position involves working with freelance writers, editing copy (on both the line and structural level), and developing creative approaches to engage audiences on new platforms.

Contractor position for 6 months


AJ+ — Al Jazeera’s all-digital video channel — is branching out into text. For this exciting venture, we need editors to conceive, commission and edit written content for non-traditional formats such as newsletters and Twitter threads.

To be clear, we’re not focused on breaking news. We’re more interested in analysis, unpacking the dynamics driving international events and complex policies, and showing their impact on people in the U.S. and around the globe.

The successful candidate should demonstrate an ability to write clean, elegant and engaging copy; to develop story ideas and analytical angles in line with our editorial vision; to edit rapidly; and have a knack for coming up with snappy headlines. The ability to quickly deliver a strong line-edit on a 500-word piece is as important as the ability to work with a writer to structure a compelling analytical argument in a bite-sized format. The job will require turning academic-sounding prose into clear, explanatory language, and a sharp eye, strong news judgment and good editorial sensibilities. Last but definitely not least, the successful candidate should be collaborative, creative and a good team player.

Role Responsibilities:
  • Identifying new freelance writers, experts and other potential contributors
  • Commissioning short (300-600 word) freelance pieces
  • Editing and curating content for a newsletter, Twitter threads, and a future website
  • Fact-checking (e.g., cross-referencing multiple sources for information, verifying dates)
  • Writing copy as needed (including social media deks, newsletter content, etc.)
  • Archival research and media acquisition (e.g., searching for and acquiring photo and video assets to pair with text)
Education & Experience:
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • At least 3 years’ editing experience
  • Knowledge of other languages a plus
  • Active presence on social media is a plus