Producer – In Real Life

Editorial Washington, District Of Columbia


Position at AJ+

We’re looking for a multitalented, highly creative, scrappy video producer to join the In Real Life team at AJ+. At your core, you’re someone who can shoot and produce entertaining and educational videos with RAD video editing skills – e.g., make objects fly across the screen, layer weird effects on top of each other, and pull off something akin to Ken-Burns-on-steroids. (Just watch one of our episodes and you’ll get the idea.)

 In other words, you’re someone who is not just a video journalist who can get the interview, but a creative visual storyteller with insight into how to make entertaining online content that takes viewers on a rip-roaring adventure while informing them as well.

Aside from that basic skill set, we also want someone with a deep understanding of the vibrant world of long-form online video – i.e., how to make highly sharable, highly watchable, highly entertaining, and highly informative video content that you see on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Lastly, the role requires someone who can bring their – and other people’s – creative visions to life, and work alongside our host-producer Yara Elmjouie as he embarks on new adventures for upcoming seasons of the series.

40 hours per week as a contractor.

Role Responsibilities

  • Conceive and develop ideas for episodes of the show
  • Write compelling scripts
  • Able to act as primary or secondary camera
  • Able to handle audio recording on an as-needed basis
  • Able to edit a visual narrative and tell a story without the use of text and voiceover
  • Review content performance and build from constructive feedback
  • Ensure AJ+ editorial, engagement, and creative standards
  • Engage with audience on social media in a professional manner while following network guidelines
  • Able to travel to locations for stories
  • Contribute to conversations around editorial and creative ideas in meetings and discussions
  • Assess new information and react quickly to editorial developments
  • Perform other duties as requested
  • Carry out duties in line with Al Jazeera editorial guidelines and ethics

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • At least 3 years’ experience in creative video production/filmmaking/video journalism
  • Proven track record of success


  • Mind-blowing video editing skills on Adobe Premiere Pro (aka: let’s talk about the craziest, most creative Premiere timelines you’ve put together. Bonus points for After Effects)
  • Avid consumer – and connoisseur – of YouTube content (aka: tell us your favorite YouTube channels and why)
  • Familiarity with shooting video on DSLRs (aka: have you ever shot in a fast-paced environment where many things are moving fast in many directions?)
  • Outstanding writing ability (aka: bonus points if you can write comedy)
  • Excellent editorial judgment (aka: journalistic ethics and fact-checking)
  • Broad understanding of news trends, issues, and quirky WTF-isms of the internet (aka: do you read Reddit?)
  • Have a passion and commitment to the Al Jazeera spirit of journalism (aka: we tell stories others do not)
  • Strong understanding of social video and online video consumption habits (aka: do you know what makes a video go viral?)
  • Excellent communication, leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills (aka: we all need to get along and work well together)
  • Carry out duties in line with editorial guidelines and ethics of Al Jazeera (aka: ethics, again)
  • Able to work under tight pressure and deadlines (aka: are you a person of your word?)