Program Editor - Arabic Channel

Arabic Channel Doha, Qatar


Position at Al Jazeera Media Network


Production of news services, contact interview and correspondents section to meet production needs, and contacts other support departments to produce special news service in terms of content and format, including managing various news sources and dealing with news updates in a suitable way and time, editing headlines and content in various news production templates.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Producing accurate, fair and latest news stories that are attractive to the audience
  • Review and make appropriate decisions on reports and coverage received in the news room
  • Participate with EP news in editorial meeting management, and suggest ideas about news that need more coverage and content development
  • Ensure compatibility of content and coverage with Al Jazeera standards
  • Motivate teams and employees and encourage them to innovate
  • Establish daily priorities and allocate assignments to accomplish tasks
  • Request the right guests to address the various topics and follow up with the interview section to contact guests and reserve satellite time
  • Work on the production of content that will be displayed on the screen within different graphics templates such as: "Video wall" and other
  • Maintain continuous and accurate news updates, including breaking news and live coverage, and work to update them through various resources
  • Arranging news stories on a system. "Octopus/i-news" or other
  • Driving the implementation of news services within the broadcast room
  • Preparation and follow-up with broadcasters, directors, journalists, the interview section, the Newsgathering section and the Correspondents section to ensure the implementation of the daily plan during the dedicated broadcast period

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

  • The minimum level is a bachelor's degree in journalism or any related specialization
  • 7 years of work in media field. At least 3 years of work in news or programs production.
  • Editorial integrity and adherence to the Code of Ethics for Professional Journalism
  • Broad knowledge of current issues and in depth awareness of the needs and interests of audiences
  • General understanding of the law of intellectual property rights and the legal effects associated with the stages and process of production, particularly with regard to the consent of the guest as well as the covering location