Senior Researcher - Human Rights

Other Doha, Qatar


Position at Al Jazeera Media Network


Researchers are responsible for collecting, organizing, and analyzing opinions and data to solve problems, explore issues, and predict trends.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Studies, researches, analyzes and monitors the following areas: o Topics pertaining to the application of human rights and humanitarian law in press coverage, and to the rights of journalists and freedom of the press;
  • The impact of the activities and projects executed by the Centre of Public liberties and human rights on AJMN’s staff and their audience;
  • The impact of the news and programs produced by the Center of Public Liberties and Human Rights on AJMN’s staff and their audience;
  • The impact of the center’s cooperation with international and regional organizations, centers and mechanisms in the promotion and protection of the human rights culture.
  • Contributes to the preparation and submission of research papers in Seminars, conferences and lectures organized by the Centre
  • Summarizes globally acknowledged studies and researches that meet the goals and objectives of the Centre with a view to use them in the development of work methods and mechanisms;
  • Prepares brochures about public liberties and basic human rights for the benefit of Aljazeera’s journalist.
  • Works on documenting, filing and archiving all studies and researches produces by the section.
Job Requirements / Qualifications:
  • Graduate level degree in political science , Law (International Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law) or international relations
  • Practical experience in the field of human rights, humanitarian, management or related fields
  • Knowledge of the civil, social, cultural and political rights basic to humankind as initially defined by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Knowledge of all local, regional and international Human Rights and humanitarian organizations.
  • Able to communicate in multiple languages
  • Able to monitor and identify any current or potential human rights violations
  • Able to build and maintain relationships with individuals, businesses
    and government agencies throughout the region
  • Able to develop original research agenda