Service Coordinator

Administrative / Administration Burnaby, Canada


Position at Ainsworth

Reports to: Service Manager  


1.  Receive requests for service from customers and record all details in an accurate manner.  

2.  Direct and control the activities of the technical staff on a day to day basis.

3.  Provide assistance and support to the men in the field.  

4.  Oversee activities of Assistant Dispatchers

5.  Control the activities of the driver/warehouseman ( using Assistant Dispatchers).  

6.  Control building key lock-up and update building access information in computer.

7.  Advise salesmen of problem accounts.


1.  Answer the telephone in a courteous, professional manner.

2.  Ask appropriate questions and record all information received in a clear and logical manner. A pre-printed book is provided to facilitate this activity.  

3.  Provide the caller with as accurate an estimate as possible of when a mechanic will arrive to complete this work. This estimate should be realistic. Be honest with the customer.  

4.  Record the call in the computerized dispatch system and prepare a dispatch card to be placed on the scheduling board. If a specific date has been committed for the work, this fact will have to be recorded and retained. Enter all other notes and messages in a notebook. Attach written  
requests from inside staff. Review daily/weekly/monthly.  

5. Communicate with the customer if necessary. If we cannot meet our commitment, inform the  customer. If we will be earlier than anticipated, make sure this is convenient. Never ignore the  customer and wait until he calls us. Communication is vital.  

6. Pass on all pricing requests to inside sales and/or salesmen.  

7. Pass on information on all new customers to the sales staff.  


1. Assign work to each mechanic on the basis of work available, ability, location, preferred mechanic and other pertinent factors. It is the dispatcher's responsibility to learn the qualifications and expertise of each technician so that work can be assigned in a logical and efficient manner.  

2. Maintain regular communication with each mechanic using the radios, pagers and telephones.  

3. The men are required to report to the dispatcher at the beginning and the end of the day, and when they leave a job site. The men are also required to report in when they complete a job.  
4. Utilize the dispatch board in an organized manner to keep track of what each mechanic is currently doing and to prioritize the work that is scheduled for him to complete. The board must be organized in such a manner that anyone could step in and take over the dispatch function at  
any time. All relevant information must be clearly visible on the board.  

5. Adjust, reorganize and reschedule on a continuous basis in order to complete all work received in  a timely efficient manner. All changes must be communicated to both the mechanics and the  


1.  Arrange deliveries of materials, tools and equipment through Assistant Dispatchers. The company driver, delivery services or couriers may be used, depending on the circumstances.  

2.  Arrange assistance to the men of a technical nature, when required or requested. Assistance may be provided by the Service Supervisor, the Service Manager or a senior technician. It is not the dispatcher's function to provide technical assistance or to question the mechanics on technical  
matters. If the dispatcher is concerned about the technical competence of any mechanic, this  concern should be passed to the Service Manager for review.  

3. Provide information concerning the location of wholesalers, rental shops, subcontractors or other companies which may be requested by the men in the field.

4. Generally, provide back up and support to assist the men to complete all work in a professional and efficient manner.  


1.  Follow up outstanding jobs on a weekly basis and make notes on the cards of the status.  

2. Maintain a daily record of the mechanic's activities. This pre-printed form is to be submitted to the Service Manager and General Manager on a daily basis.  

3.  Maintain a schedule of the after hours "on call" rotation. Ensure the men and the answering service are aware who is "on call".  


1. Organize the driver's daily activities, based on the needs and requests received. Adjust as required.  

2.  Keep the warehouse clean and organized, using the driver's available time to complete this task.

3.  As the driver is generally a future apprentice he should be invoiced in educational and information work whenever time permits.  


2.  Ensure scheduled maintenance to mechanical equipment is completed on time.

3. Co-ordinate necessary or beneficial improvements to the building and surrounding parking area.

1. Feedback received from customers.  

2. Feedback received from the technical staff.  

3. Organization and efficiency of the dispatch area relative to all paper flow function.   

4. Effective utilization of the driver/warehouseman, working hard and efficiently, advancing his ability and understanding, showing a positive and constructive attitude.  



  • Keep technician check in and check out log  
  • Enter all calls in the computer  
  • Dispatch the technician the night prior  
  • Advise salesmen of problem jobs call backs/major jobs  
  • Enter notes in a notebook and review outstanding.  
  • Run dispatch report.  
  • Review on call/evening callouts in AM.  
  • Keep customers and sales staff informed on problem jobs.  
  • Check and put written notes on all outstanding calls  
  • Review notebook for outstanding items  
  • Have future schedule for the mechanics or the board  
  • Notify answering service of any on call change.  
  • Update outstanding PM list, if any  
  • Update problem job list.  
  • Ensure all technicians’ time sheets received and pay cheques distributed.