Senior Software Engineer

Engineering Beijing, China

A10 Networks is a secure application services company that offers best of breed ADC, CGN, DDoS prevention and other security products.  As an engineer in this role you will design and develop an orchestration platform that provides a centralized, unified and scalable consumption of A10's TPS, ADC, CGN and other security products. The solution will also provide useful analytical insights and reports derived from the big data of application traffic pattern.  

Ultimately, you get to develop a centralized secure application delivery controller for orchestrating the DDoS prevention, ADC, CGN and other security solutions A10 Networks offers including driving solution integration on various cloud platforms with SDN offerings from A10's partners such as Cisco, VMware, BigSwitch, and others.

Your Traits:

Carrier Grade Nat/SP Security

Design and development of next-generation security technologies and advanced solutions such as IPv6 Migration/Deployments, Mobile Security, Large Scale Network Address Translation (NAT), DS-Lite, NAT64, 6rd, LW4o6, NAT46, Application Firewall, DDoS and Deep Packet Inspection. 

When working in this group, you will be responsible for designing and implementing software solutions for the following functional areas:

Mobile/SP Security (Gi-LAN) – GTP, SCTP Protocol handling and security Understanding and solving issues service providers are facing in migrating to IPv6 infrastructure Understand and implement application inspection for applications using protocols such as SIP, FTP, H323, Diameter etc. Understand and implement methods and mechanisms to secure internal clients/network from Denial of Service attacks

Education Qualification: BS plus 3+ years or MS plus 2+ years in Computer Science/Engineering or similar area

Technical Skills:

  • Strong C/C++ programming skills (Python understanding is a plus) 
  • Very familiar with TCP/IP, Networking concepts.
  • Familiarity with and understanding of security features and application protocols such as FTP, DNS, SIP, Radius, Diameter , GTP, SCTP, etc. is a plus. 
  • Knowledge of computer system architectures & operating system concepts along with understanding of multi-core, multi-threaded programming, distributed system.